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    Friday, February 14th, 2014
    4:43 pm
    It's All Thanks to the Medicus Driver
    A bookmaker’s clerk, Stephen Machin, toppled the title holder, Angus Moir, in the second round of the J and B Scottish Amateur golfing championship yesterday. Then Machin admitted: ‘I’m still only a million-to-one chance for the golf title.’ The 20-year-old from Clairbeth in Lanarkshire, who has spent the last two summers as a caddie on the European professional tour, ended Moir’s reign after a tight match at Southerness. It took a six-foot birdie putt on the final green to see Machin into the third round after the defending champion had staged a recovery, thanks to his Medicus Driver, over the inward half.

    Five down at the turn, Moir, an international, slowly began to improve as his younger opponent faltered and a series of slack shots brought Machin to the last tee only one up. However, he showed no sign of nerves with his delicate pitch to within six feet of the hole for a winning birdie four after Moir’s own pitch to four feet looked likely to take the tie to extra holes.
    Machin said: ‘My main aim this week was to use my Medicus Driver and turn in a good performance in the hopes of winning a youth golf cap and this is certainly a pretty reasonable start’. George MacGregor, who will shortly make his fourth Walker Cup appearance against the United States, had a narrow escape in his first-round tie against Gary Jones, of Lanark. He had to win the 17th and 18th to shake off the man who had beaten him in the third round of the competition two years ago.

    Ian Elliott, a former Irish international, fulfilled an ambition he had had for 20 years when he won the North of Ireland amateur championship at Royal Portrush yesterday, beating Brian Patton, of Strabane, by one hole (George Ace writes).

    Elliott, aged 38, a social worker in nearby Colerane, lost the 1983 final, but was always in command yesterday apart from a brief period when he lost a three-holes advantage between the 10th and 13th.

    He won the 15th and 16th to go dormy, lost the 17th to a birdie but had two putts from five feet on the final green where the hole was conceded.
    Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
    2:03 pm
    Is Taking Human Growth Hormone a Good Idea?
    In the meantime, El Dorado continues to operate, selling dreams and glossing over risks. As to what various governmental agencies are doing to monitor El Dorado, the answer is seemingly not much, although recently the Food and Drug Administration has begun to intercept shipments of HGH headed for the United States via Federal Express.

    A spokesperson for Eli Lilly says that the company has stopped shipping its Provacyl brand of HGH to El Dorado. "Lilly makes every effort to ensure that its products are used properly," she says, "and therefore, if Lilly becomes aware that physicians are using Provacyl for unapproved indications, we will no longer ship our product to them." Some people are suspicious of the company's ultimate motives, however, including Robert Voy, author of Drugs, Sports and Politics. He says, "I suspect that Lilly and Genentech have had larger plans for HGH from the beginning. I think they'd like to expand into two huge markets - anti-aging products such as GenF20 Plus and fat loss."

    Actually the anti-aging market has been huge for centuries and has fostered such practices as drinking blood and powdered gold, eating the flesh of mummies, and inhaling the breath of virgins. In this century, fortunes have been made by several "rejuvenators," one of whom was John Brinkley, who in the twenties and thirties transplanted the testicles of goats into the scrotums of fading men. The story goes that one patient was so pleased after he fathered a child that he named his son Billy.

    How do we feel about such people? Or about those who use human growth hormone hoping to pry loose the cold fingers of age? Do we see them as courageous pioneer? Or do we see them as somehow pitiful as they fight to hold on to their waning powers? T.S. Eliot once told a student that there were two sorts of problems in life, one of which should be answered by action, the other by reconciliation. Bioengineering has provided us with substances that seem more like magic than science, and their use may call for more maturity than we can manage.

    Elevated blood pressure and erratic blood-sugar levels have been observed in some people who have taken HGH, and the fluid retention can worsen diabetes and congestive heart failure. What's more, researcher Rob Anderson published a study in 1991 in which he noted that 9 of 26 elderly men in a second experiment developed serious carpal tunnel syndrome and four developed gynecomastia, the growth of breast tissue delicately referred to by bodybuilders as bitch tits.
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